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Mosses and Mitchell are the preeminent manufacturer of professional audio and video jacks and patch bays used the world over, having gained an enviable reputation as the premium manufacturer in our field and the No: 1 choice by audio and video professionals the world overseeking the very best audia and videa jacks and patch bays.

In 2010 Mosses & Mitchell were acquired by Pre-Met Ltd and the operations have been absorbed in to Pre-Met's quality certifications utilised in their day to day operations manufacturing safety critical components for the Aerospace and Automotive industries; as such quality is assured. 

The Mosses and Mitchell division also manufacture standard and bespoke professional audio and video patch bays required in the professional broadcast industry. 

The skills resident within the Mosses and Mitchell division also compliment services required by Pre-Met customers utilising:

  • Soldering (IPC J-STD-001)
  • Lead wire preparation and assembly
  • Electro-mechanical component assembly
  • Wire crimping and termination
  • Flexi-circuit assembly
  • Bespoke low volume PCB assembly
  • Mosses & Mitchell Catalogue

Mosse & Mitchell History

The Mosses & Mitchell company was formed in 1865 and specialised in the manufacture of insulation blocks for railway carriage suspension.The company continued in this field until the start of the First World War, when it was requisitioned by the Ministry of Munitions to manufacture wadding and cordite fuses for munitions. 

Following the war, the company carried on manufacturing insulation pads, but also successfully moved into the telecommunication industry, where it remained until the start of World War Two when it was again requisitioned by the Ministry of War. At this time we introduced assembly procedures, having been given the task of manufacturing connectors for radios and telephones.

It continued this role after the war, entering the Professional Broadcast market, manufacturing professional audio jacks and patch bays before moving on and eventually introducing a range of video bays where we built an enviable reputation. We remain preeminent in this field today.

For more information or technical enquiries do not hesitate to contact our sales office on +44 (0)1527 510535 or email us: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Alternatively review our agents page to find an agent near to you who would be delighted to handle your enquiry.

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