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Pre-met Products and Services

Pre-Met are able to offer a vast range of products and services to their customers and potential customers. Principally we are manufacturers of highly engineered, high precision, complex metal pressed or metal stamped components utilised in many varied market sectors and supply chains.

We are able to offer the following services and products:

  • High volume manufacture of complex pressed or stamped metal components
  • Proto-typing for new products and / or conceptual products
  • Design services including tool and component design
  • Tool and low cost tool manufacture
  • Production feasibility
  • Low volume manufacture and proto-types
  • Pre-production manufacture
  • Cleaning, de-greasing and de-burring
  • Heat treatment and coatings
  • Material selection
  • Logistics – material handling, inspection, packing and transport
  • Professional Audio Visual products and services

We are able to assist our clients with projects from concept through to project production feasibility, proto-typing and finally to implementation and completion.

During the project concept we can assist in component design to ensure that the component drawn can be manufactured in addition we can design and develop all new tooling that may be required.

To fully understand Pre-Met Ltd's capabilities, please read Pre-Ltd's brochure.

For further details or for any enquiries relating to our products and services do not hesitate to contact us here.

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