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Pre-met Continuous Improvement Programmes

Statement from Leigh Cresswell & Tim Pomlett

At Pre-met, we work hard every day to improve the way we work and serve our customers better.

Our culture is based on a foundation of innovation combined with a strict approach to quality management;

We are committed to increasing the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of our operations and offerings by effectively utilising Lean Manufacturing principles in all areas of our business; from production to stores, from design through to material stockholding and beyond.

We are also undertaking the SC21 business development journey with a Bronze award imminent. Best practices and efficiency are ingrained in to every process, procedure or activity that we undertake in line with Lean and SC21 ethos.

We adopt the following four key success factors:

  • Commitment to Excellence
  • Dedication to Teamwork
  • Appreciation of Employee Morale
  • Openness to Change

Should you have any questions about our continuous improvement commitment and implementation do not hesitate to contact us here.

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